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fivebloomsworkshopThanks For stopping by.

My name is Toni,  I am the dreamer the maker and the designer.

Vintdustrial® started in 2011 as a distraction. I needed a stress reliever. I have a background in interior design.  As a child I was always interested in decorating and painting ( fashion and makeup too). I helped around the house a lot in those areas. I was born with “the knack” to design. I see inspiration everywhere. My mind is filled with design dreams.

My little shop started out with me renting the littlest space in a really unique shop in Escondido. My little space did really well- so well they offered me a bigger space and then bigger.  After a year I took the leap to follow my dream and I opened my very own retail shop in the heart of Old town Temecula. A few years later I personally moved to the Long beach area and shortly after the shop followed. We are a little shop filled with inspiration to make your house a home.

On the blog you will find things about design and follow along with things that I am doing to my home- but I am not limited to that on the blog. You will also  see things about life and style and sometimes I might even share a gluten free recipe. I hope you visit the blog often. If you’re local I hope to see you in the little shop.

Sparkling lemonade wishes and french fry dreams,




2 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. So the other day my daughter and I were on Cherry St. in Los Alamitos picking up a computer from someone who had generously given it to us. Leaving his place, I turned off of Cherry and on to Katella to head home. Katella can be so flippin’ busy and we got stuck behind a car for a few seconds. As we finally got moving again, I looked over to my right and saw a sign. Annie Sloan paint and as fast I could, I looked up to see what type of place I was passing by. Wasn’t fast enough so we got to the next block and drove around back to Cherry and then to Katella, etc., etc. and this time instead of driving by, I stopped to look and see. I saw the sign Vindustrial. I immediately thought to myself, this is probably a place where I could come and make something. I love making things. By the way, if you haven’t noticed yet, I ramble on and on. It probably has something to do with the fact that I have 3 children and don’t get out much. 🙂 By the time I got home, I became distracted and forgot about Vindustrial. 😦 Fast forward to yesterday when I went to a women’s group called “Fully Alive”. It was my 1st meeting with this group. Our goal for the day was to come up with our ONE WORD for the year. Something we can draw on and focus on throughout the year with the purpose of giving us purpose. My chosen word: DIRECTION. Our second goal for the day was to write a letter to Jesus spilling out our guts and and then it (anonymously) it is given to someone else in the group so that they can pray over us for the next few months (i.e. each lady doesn’t know who got her letter). The letter I received was from one of your “friends” on FB. How do I know that? Because I’m stalking her now. I mean, after all, I’ll be praying for her and I want to get to know her a little. She liked your page on FB. And OMG, this isn’t coincidence. This is a GOD thing. I’m meant to pray over her just like my word is supposed to be DIRECTION. I was thrilled to find your page because, after all, I had forgotten to look it up when I returned home a few days ago and I really wanted to find out about Vindustrial. Anyway, I look up your workshops and lo and behold, just a couple weeks ago, you had a FOLLOW YOUR ARROW workshop. Follow your arrow = Direction. Right? Okay, so the timing on that one was a bit off but again, totally GOD. All this rambling to say that I’m stoked to have found out about your shop and am thoroughly excited about taking one of your workshops. If you did the Follow Your Arrow again – that would rock!
    Blessings and Direction – Molly H.

    1. Hello Molly,
      This is so Inspiring. I could share so many amazing stories about the people That I have met that Have blessed me and come into the shop at the exact time when I needed them/God. Godsends indeed. Your Story is another. I was supposed to join a group and couldn’t because of schedule conflicts that sounds similar to your group. I do hope I can join a group soon. I would love to be surrounded by like minded friends and Talk about how much God does for us daily. My word of the year is Attitude. I have had to put it to use a few times – actually a lot this year already. Changing my attitude when I’m having a bad day or in a funk or get a call or text that can change the day – its so easy to get stuck in the negative so by changing my attitude I focus on the positive. Clearly I ramble too. LOL
      I am looking forward to doing the workshop with the arrow. I wasn’t planning on it but how could I not do it after your beautiful story.
      Cheers and blessings!

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