This and that..

Hey Friends,

We made it through the crazy Covid Chapter, well getting closer to closing that chapter. I am ready to toss the stack of masks that I have. How about you? I mean really part of going to target was looking for the new “cute” masks. I am ready to shop for new lipstick..RIGHT?

The Shop is still here- Thank God like really Thank you God for the blessings and the help that was given to me to keep the dream alive. I mean who needs a savings, 😭 jk.. kinda.

We are hosting workshops again. I don’t know why I always say we. Most of the time by “we” I actually mean ME. Big does help me out but I do where many hats for the shop. Too many. Hopefully in the near future that will change. I need an assistant, haha.

Are any of these shows on your list of covid binge watching? Here is the not so short list of the Shows I binged during Covid- I don’t think I will remember them all but here are a few:

Good Girls ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ -Designated survivor – New Girl- The good Place- The morning show- Greys anatomy- 911 – The office(again) The Kominsky method- Virgin River- Heartland – Working Moms- Jane the virgin (LOVED THIS SHOW) dead to me – Schitts creek(Forever a favorite) Blacklist (good at first then just lame and scary-Sorry not sorry) Madam Secretary ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Sweet Magnolias, Cheesey but good. Ginny and Georgia – Firefly lane – The queens Gambit And so many more- I watched WAY WAY too much TV.

I planted a garden 2X And its fun and super rewarding. This second Garden is Amazing. Spaghetti Squash and tomatoes and tomatillos, arugula, carrots 🥕 and peppers. We also have a 🍋 tree 3 orange trees and lots of blackberries but they are sour this year so blah to those! Yeah, I’m only adding one pic because its a HUGE Picture and I need to figure out how to resize it. My future assistant also needs to show me how to change the size on my pics for blogging. Thanks in advance future assistant.

I gained oodles of weight and plan to get back to the healthier me. I’m a stress eater and an emotional eater and I was able to handle it for years because after losing my Hashimoto weightI felt amazing but this Chapter or chapters I failed miserably. More on that on another post. How’d you guys do with weight- working out?

My House is a hot mess- Big doesn’t think so but I totally 💯 do. Like I have had zero motivation to decorate paint or really do anything more then what is already done. I mean the house is done and whatever but it hasn’t been changed in over a year – same stuff and I am kinda over it. I still love what has been called farmhouse Style now for years which has always for as long as I have had a style been my style. Barn-door- um yeah wood planked wall um also yeah way before fixer upper. Like I actually had to order my barn door hard ware from a company that built barns -yeah that long ago. But I do love me some fixer upper. Super happy to see them on Discovery➕ And what’s the deal with that- D➕ Is that just a temporary landing place till they( Chip and Jo) take over the HGTV network???? I need insight please.

Do you Follow me on instagram? @vintdustrial and @heytonirae

Ok Friends, I am so happy I got on here to chat – I have been on insta way too much – not posting just going down the rabbit 🐇 hole of screenshooting recipes and never making them etc. Do ya feel me?


xoxo Toni aka Pepper 😉


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