In these times…

Hello Dear Friends/Customers.. This email/blog was supposed to be a very exciting email/blog post.  If I had written it a week or so ago it would have been. Times have changed SO much in the last week. . Nothing is seems to be what we are used to-but somethings are. Embrace those things. 

I am feeling unsure as I am sure many of you are, of what each day will bring. The unknown is a scary place to rest. We are so used to having an abundance of everything that we need.  When, for me, you walk into your regular market and all there is  chaos and empty shelves that just puts fear into my soul. “this too shall pass”  I have to continue to remind myself that. 

Our world is going through a lot of change and uncertainty right now and I hope that kindness is on the rise during this time and sharing and reaching out to those that need help will be on all our to do lists. 

As for the shop… we are taking it day by day for now. I have always thought and still think painting is therapy. For me it has been therapy over and over. for many years. We want to be there for you. What that looks like- we are open regular hours for now. We have worked many many hours over the past week building our website.  It is up and running. we are offering $12 flat rate shipping on all orders. We are also offering Free curbside pick up if you are not comfortable coming into the shop (we get it)  I will be doing online tutorials. Nothing to fancy but most likely somewhat entertaining, Im a dork and random, Squirrel. HAHA,  wink wink. I will also be putting workshop kits together- when the kit is purchased I will send you a link for the free Vintdustrial community online workshop. I think it is so important that we stay connected. I am so thankful for the means of social media to help us do that. 

If you decide to visit the shop. Know that we are taking precautions to keep our shop a healthy safe zone. we have hand sanitizer and clorox disinfectants. 

THE BIG NEWS!!!! We are once again ANNIE SLOAN Stockist. WE are so excited to share this. We are fully stocked and YES, its online too.

Annie Sloan - Stockist logos - Workshops


Stay Healthy my Friends



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