Hello Friends..

Happiest New year To ya’ll

The holidays went by so fast and I must say this was a very drama free relaxed Holiday Season.   We did a taco bar and tamales and chili. Made life so much easier. We hung out, played games and enjoyed each others company. What could be better then that?

The New Year was brought in in our simple tradition of going to Stacked for dinner and then Ringing in the new year from our sofa in our jammies.

We visited Big Bear to the fabulous white beauty of snow. The kids made snow angels and had snowball fights. The mountains are my favorite place. There is something about them that brings a very calming feeling to my body. If I could in a mountain area that would be a dream.

We celebrated the shop Christmas at an amazing Plant based restaurant Gracias Madre


Such A good start to our 2020!!!




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