Road trip..

We decided to go in a spontaneous road trip.. so we are hustling up the 101 in the most relaxing way, together.

We have each other, home made cookies, French fries and fizz sticks sticks. We are set.

First destination Big Sur. I have wanted to go BS 😳🤣 for 18 years. Finally going. I’ve heard so many amazing things about it. If you’ve been leave me a suggestion of what to do. I should mention I will only be there over night but rushing off is not totally necessary so if there’s something I should see I want to try. It took me 18 years to make the trip so who knows when I will be back.

4th of July- we spent the day trying appetizers in our new air fryer. We had a few successful recipes and one fail. We didn’t cook our jalapeños quite long enough and oh mama they were spic-āy as all get out. 🔥 I think the French fries were my favorite, SHOCKER. if you don’t already know fries are my go to food. Celebration, sad, nervous whatever it is I will use French fries 🍟 for the occasion. Hmmm.. just realized while typing that I have a fry’s before guys sweatshirt that I have no clue where it’s hiding.

Which brings me to, healthy living and all the clothes stuffed into my closet that don’t fit me – right now. Because right now I am stuffed into jeans that aren’t my true size I mean they are but the pairs in the closet are my true size. Well they will be. In the 8th I start my new reboot for my 30 days to healthy living. If you are one of the healthy choice babes joining me yay for you!!! I’m excited to help you. If you aren’t one that’s joining us, why not?

My Instagram for that is @heytonirae check it out.

DIY Workshops will be starting back up at the shop in August.

As for the summer we offer walk ins and group nights reserved for you and your friends. Call the shop for the details.

Also, there are 2 spots left for the kids craft camp. $225 for the week July 15-19th 10-1PM price includes all fees and snacks.


air fryer fries

I hope you ball are enjoying your weekend.




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