Create Mind and Gardens..

Hey Friends,

You know when you get into that creative groove and you just want to paint and craft and thrift. I am so in that mode lately. I can’t stop thinking of shiplapping a wall or two or three.

I also have been really wanting to garden. Maybe its all the spring weather. I am loving it. How about you? Are you in Cali or somewhere else?  What’s your weather like? If you are in Southern Cali what kind of plants would you recommend? Last week Bear and I went to the safari zoo in SD and we went on a mini safari and they talked about plans that are native to California. So now I feel like thats the way to go in our front Garden. It is seriously  hot mess of dirt in one area and has been for a year GASP!!! It’s like that one area that just gets overlooked but its not getting overlooked by the neighborhood cats YIKES, Giant liter box. GROSS!!!!!!  I am open to plant suggestions.

So far this is all that I have for that area.. This cute metal bench from Target. It’s on sale for $71.99

I might buy a couple of outdoor pillows for the bench. Hmmm. Trying to save money so, I might shop our garage instead. I don’t have out door specific pillows. I have some super cute black and white stripe pillows from ikea that we use when we entertain. The downside of them is they have to be put away as soon as the gathering is done so they won’t fade or mold so I don’t think these will work for long term outdoor/everyday use.  The upside is the price is amazing and then I just fill them with the inexpensive standard $3.99 Pillow inserts from target. They work perfect and are less expensive then using a square insert.



Native California Gardens that I am Swooning over .. The first pic would be good on a much smaller scale maybe with pea gravel in between the stones and we would also have to use much smaller stone and then I think that I would add just a few native plants around the bench for the area that we have just to soften the area up. It’s a much smaller area more like 4 feet by 10 foot strip.  That brings me to the second pic which looks more like an easier fit but who wants easy, HA!!!! I sometimes wish I was a minimalist. This creative mind of mine never ever stops.

IMG_1136IMG_1138Share your thoughts.




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