Paint.. paint and More Paint..

Hey Friends!!!

We have been so stinkin’ busy over here. The shop, the paints, life.


we are really, really enjoying the new paint line, Jolie® I seriously can’t say Jolie without thinking of Dolly Pardon’s song Jolene. Then I start singing it or humming it in my head. Are you now too? Haha!  We are expecting the other half of our shipment tomorrow. Happy Dance.. oh yeah uh huh oh yeah!!! I paid the extra twenty bucks for inside delivery this time because 1. My natural deodorant wasn’t up for the moving of 20 boxes and 2. My shoulder isn’t better. 😦

Workshops are filling up fast Again. Our First Jolie workshop sold out and all the attendees were loving the new paint. YAY!! It’s such a good feeling when such a hard decision works out. Thanks Friends! IMG_0952.jpg

Workshop dates:  This Friday, May 3rd, The Jolie® embellishment Workshop. This includes, proper waxing – clear wax, brown wax, white wax and black wax. It also includes gold leafing and i added a couple of techniques to this workshops, fabric dying and staining over paint to give your piece that Modern farmhouse look that many of us have come to love.       This Saturday is the Jolie® technique workshop. This is all the basics and a bit beyond. This workshop was a total hit last Friday night. Dont miss out.  To see More workshops click Workshops…


Linda W. was our first Jolie Customer and Nancy W.  was the first to sign up for the Jolie workshop. These ladies are sold on Jolie Paints. Thanks for having Faith.



May 1st is my puppy Billy Bob Barkers Birthday! This puppy has been my rock. He is simply the sweetest. Celebrating 7 Years!





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