When….. confessions of a shopaholic

I am a when person..

Do you know what I mean?  Like, When will I feel content in my career? When will I feel content in the way that my home is decorated. I always feel like its one more thing JUST One more thing then the house will be done. Who am I kidding? It will never be done.  And since we are talking about what will never be done– I will never have all the shoes that I need. think I need.  Seriously, I love shoes. They aren’t going to stop making cute shoes or cute home decor and the styles certainly aren’t going to stay the same.   We will always have new home decor  and styles and new Styles of shoes. Sigh of relief.. I can accept that.

#justify #confessionsofashopaholic

So, with that said..  I bought a new Magnolia bag because it’s the perfect bag I mean seriously it has so many pockets and the leather is just lush. Thanks Joanna for yet another “omgosh I have to have it” piece. I don’t really have to have it or did I??

SatchelSatchel 2

Confession #5143  I am a shopaholic.. It’s true. It is not good. When I get bummed or I am having a bad day I shop. It’s not just Like a few things it’s a trunk full and not just for myself but for my friends too. I will gift because it makes me happy and it makes others happy.  I am a fixer and when I can’t fix something or help or make it better I will shop it away.  It makes my eyes well with tears to write about it. When I’m not in the moment of it is crazy and sad. That is me. Wow, that’s really me.   I am not the type to hide my emotions. Clearly if you followed my blog for any time this last year you know. I am real, I am me. This is me. I am writing this blog to keep me off the Williams Sonoma website. ugh!!! It is one click away.




One thought on “When….. confessions of a shopaholic

  1. By the way, I chuckled reading your post. I think I’m a shopaholic too, buying for myself and my friends. It’s a good thing!!!

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