Weekend In Big Bear…

Big and I decided that all the chores that have been on our to do list for the last six months could wait another weekend. We needed us time. Away from work and the daily stresses. We decided to take a little trip to Big Bear.

We stayed in a quaint little cabin in Moonridge. We strolled the town, ate some really really good food. We had us time, lots of us time.

It’s so important to be connected but not in the checking my phone every 10 minutes connected. The connected that is about you and the one you are in love with. Keep those connections strong take time for each other.


So these pictures pretty much show our weekend minus the food… where are my food pics?


I have to say the picture on the top left- Um well I did that too…. Haha! Wheres my picture Big?  Walking that plank and then turning to pose on that log was a bit challenging. Big made it look easy- this was kinda a dare- and we both managed to get out there with our falling in the cold water.

Then of course us chilling by the fire. Tee hee hee…

The Picture with the bag is a super cool ecco bag that we had custom made at a pop up shop at Nordstrom.  The leather actually changes when in heat. it changes to camouflage.  Big has the shoes. They are so cool.

And I just have to say my BF is So handsome.   Even when he is chasing after me.  Lucky me I get to see him with his shirt off. Oh Baby!

bb9One last pic. This picture is so beautiful to me – Be the one that Stands out.  Everyone is unique and has something special about them – STAND OUT!!!





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