Spring Forward…

With the time change I am feeling so TIRED. Anyone else?  I do enjoy the longer longer hours of light. I feel like I can accomplish so much more. Remind me that in the fall when I am saying how much I love falls time change. HA!

So,  with the time changes comes Spring decor. I changed my bedding to Yellows and grey and THATS pretty much it. Because I’m tired. Yep, no energy to finish.  Can I please have an assistant that will put my ideas in place while I nap.

Ok, seriously though its not just the time change- my thyroid is jack-torqued. Like sitting here I am about to fall asleep. Is this even making sense? Where are my Hypo-thyroid friends? Can you totally relate?

Here are some pics of the shop till I can get my Spring house together.  And 1 Pick of the Spring Bedding…IMG_2543

SERIOUSLY!!! That Cow Pic!!! Do you not Love it? I mean she’s a doll. I want to snuggle her. Instead she will be her doll self on the wall at the shop or maybe in your home?  Have 2 haha!

PIctured: Antique Candle Works Candles 16oz. $28, I love naps Pillow with down insert $40, Tobacco Baskets set of 3 $95, wooden Beads $12, Volcano mini hand Cream $12

We Can ship items. Call or email to place an order.



Hand lettering book $14 This was a great add on to use at home                                        from our hand lettering workshop. 


Be a Bad… Pillow $48 with Down Insert


Spring Bedding… I super like yellow right now. What’s your spring color?


Happy Wednesday! WAKE UP FRIENDS!!!


♥ Toni

PS. We Have LOTS of Farmhouse decor in the shop. And Something SUPER DUPER FABULOUS will be arriving soon. hmm..


3 thoughts on “Spring Forward…

  1. I feel ya! I wake up everyday saying I’m tired. It’s sad that I’m even too tired to be tired. 😒 the minute I sit anywhere I’m fighting to stay awake. Hashi’s sucks!

    Love your bedding! I’m looking for spring inspiration and finding none! I need something light and fun but that can rake the beating my dogs give it.

    And YEEES, the cow’s a cutie!!!

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