Motivation MONDAY…

Happy Monday Friends. A new week already again the year is already flying by. How are you doing on your new years resolutions?  I didn’t “officially” make a resolution because I didn’t want to fail- Like if I say its a resolution and I don’t complete it or follow through I feel I’ve completely let myself down.  So my un-resolution was/is to get my health back. Last year was a busy challenging year. Ugh!! That’s an excuse but true and I used that excuse at the cost of my health. Hmmm. Not sure why I  went there because this was not my intention. Anyway, I did. So,  now lets get to motivation Monday. HAHA! Please comment and let me know about your resolutions.

I am re organizing my cabinets with new jars and labels to make meal prepping and cooking in general easier. I love cooking and I love a clean, neat, organized kitchen. I was inspired by Flat Creek Farmhouse. Her pantry is amazing.  I don’t have a pantry per say but I do have a cupboard that I call the pantry not a big walk in or anything close to that. I’m lucky to have huge pull out drawers to make the entire depth accessible.

Here are some pics. I know I took a before pic but not sure where it went. BOOHOO.


The delivery… I thought I ordered enough but I need to order a few more. You know when you’re in the groove and you have to stop because you’re out of product?  Yep, just like when you’re painting. It happened to me with my jars.


The only bummer is for some reason they are hand wash only – SO, I washed them ALL by hand and air dried them overnight in the dishwasher so I could have them all dry at the same time without having them all over the countertops drying.


How cute are they? Like seriously such a difference and totally goes with the farmhouse look. IMG_1804

I bought pretty,  really thick, fancy wrapping paper to use as shelf liner. It’s over actual shelf liner. You can’t really see the beautiful gold glitter running through grey but all of those yummy vanilla streaks are gold glitter. Opening my cupboard and seeing these jars and the paper. Pantry swoon.

Hopefully all this kitchen pantry beauty will be more then motivation to make a pantry pretty but to motivate me and remind me to get healthy again. It is so important. And it took months to get there and I will get back there.  I will.. more motivation is the Hawaii trip I’m going on this summer. HAHA. If that doesn’t motivate…  I will make myself wear my too small clothes. JK that would be a site. LOL




One thought on “Motivation MONDAY…

  1. I love he jars! Such a great idea. I hate having bags in my pantry. This may be something I try out. Those little labels are eye candy for us ol’ Skool folks! 😍

    I don’t have a New Years resolution per say, I’m just trying to get my health back on track. Feeling sick everyday is exhausting!

    Have a great week!

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