Ummmm… Ma’am

Ladies.. I say that like in a Ma’am way! Aging sucks and why does Ma’am make me sound old. Like when someone says “Thanks Ma’am” I mean is it just me or does it make you feel old? Like it kinda makes me a bit Agro. Do ya know what I’m sayin’?  Like Hi? Im not that old like Grandma old- Oh Sugar snap but I am.

Anyway,  Fashion Friday. I have been doing the slight front tuck since queer eye for the straight guy way back when.  Lately,  I have been watching the younger Ma’am’s front hip tucking of the shirts and bag sweaters.  Like all the no filter needed young hipster Moms. Do you guys follow what I’m saying? I personally like the slight front tuck because I wear cool (to me) belts. So, I want the big belt buckles to show. I mean do people even wear belts? Is that a total “Ma’am” thing? Crap!!! How old am I.  Like lizard old? Shiitake!!!!  So below are some pics of both. Comment and let me know what you think?

Also, is everyone totally getting in on the kicks thing? Like everyone is wearing tennis shoes with everything. Like,  I have been the last couple weeks because – DARE I even Say it??? Gasp, Deep Breathe… MY HIP HURTS… Omgohhhhhsh!!!!  But it’s totally related to my thyroid and hashi-frickin’motos.. Thats the only reason my hip hurts. OH!!! wait actually,  its because I am gymnast   a bada$$ yoga teacher  A ballet dancer   I hold the record for most cartwheels in a row   …..  So not about aging.

Onto the pics— And what About that #prune #nailedit #selfiestick is my new Bestie. JK!! But it is very helpful. Do you have one? Yet? Haha

Side Tuck…


Front Tuck…


Don’t forget to comment below yo!

CHEERS to A FABULOUS weekend!!!





2 thoughts on “Ummmm… Ma’am

  1. Sissy wow I love love this new blog thing (👌)I don’t like belts I feel the chunky side snacks I
    Gets squished in there, and if I over eat it’s to uncomfortable 🙄, but your niece on the other hand says who cares what people think it’s what makes you comfortable . The no filter which we now I’m the potty mouth says wear what the “f” makes you happy!

    Ps ..we look so good for our age 😂😍👌

    1. Ma’am (and I say that as a new Texan) – you look gorgeous 😍!

      I’ve gotten use to the ma’am thing. I love hearing it, more as a sign of respect, not at all an age thing, kwim?! Lol

      As for the tuck, I’m more of a side tuck. IDK, call me ol’ skool! And I’ve gotten into the kicks habit too, more as a bonding with the hubs over his love of kicks, but also, they just bring something casual to a cool outfit. I will always be a 👠 and 👢 girl, but sometime a change is nice.

      Hashi-fricken’motos sucks!

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