Bedtime Stories…

While My Sister and I were at the long beach shop having the first Garage sale yesterday, we had a conversation about making beds, sheets, pillows etc.

I like having a made bed. I like sheets folded nicely so when we get into bed we can just get right under the Sheets and they are already nice. No pulling the wrinkles out. Maybe only pulling my share back from Big. 😉  I like the comforter to be neatly on the bed with our throws and plenty of pillows. I prefer the bed be made everyday so when we walk into the room it looks tidy. ummm.. Thanks Mom?

My sister on the other hand doesn’t see the point in making the bed. “Why make it?” She’s just going to get back in to go to bed. No extra pillows for her either. I do see her point. Simplicity…

What is your preference, bed made or not?

This is what our household preferences look like:


Our Room: Which will be getting a makeover – not even a makeover because we never started a design. So we will be starting a design at the beginning of the year. YAY!!! Paint, Bedding, furniture – EVERYTHING!! our bed looks so small in this pic- It’s not small at all, its an Eastern King- HUGE!  – it takes up the whole room and its not the best snuggle bed. HEE HEE! IF you want a snuggle bed DONT BUY A KING!


YEP! I will be going into the young ones rooms after work to make the beds. My preference not theirs. I know they will appreciate it.  Right?



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