Hello Friends,

In Case you didn’t know… WE ARE MOVING!!! WE are so excited to be moving to Los Alamitos. WE have signed a longer lease so we will be staying for a long while. insert Sigh of relief…  The new shop will be opening this weekend NOV. 3rd! W H A T ! ! ! A few weeks sooner then originally planned. Life happens and we needed to light speed things up a bit.

Our Grand Opening will be on shop small Saturday November 25th. But Please feel free to visit sooner.  The Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan WILL BE at the new shop in Los Alamitos.

ALSO- Our current shop will be open Special days Through Nov. 30th with TONS of cool stuff that we aren’t taking to the new location. Seriously friends lots of bargains. Be sure to watch for dates on our social media. You WILL NOT want to miss out. Our Instagram Is @Vintdustrial that is the best place to see us and whats happening at the shop. Workshops, sales our life etc.

Our New address is 3691 Katella Ave. Los Alamitos. There is street parking right in front of the shop as well as around the back. Check out our new sign- this was a pinch me moment and actually still is. I’ve never had a sign like this,  like a real light up sign above the shop.

We will have a new phone number- I tried SO HARD to keep the same  number but it will just cost too much over the years. BOOO on that. I will share the new number as soon as I have it. Again you can always find me on instagram. DM me and show me your paint projects too. Its always fun to see what our customers/friends are creating.

This Picture is not for the weak– LOL The walls AND the carpet were BRIGHT RED!! OMGOSH! Seriously they were. This pic is blurry but still this was the shop before we got our design hands on it.


Yeah, we made that big mess and it felt so good. Bye bye Temp walls and red walls and poop walls. Haha!!! Ok the brown isn’t so bad but I just wasn’t feeling it for this space.


The Fab New floors that Big and I installed. #Bigandlittlediyduo


From Psychic to Us – Which do you choose… Hmmmm.

The sign is really that huge!


Our Name in lights! EEEEEEEEK Shrill of excitement!


Ok, All my DIYBabe friends I hope to see you at the new shop very soon.




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