Berry Pickin’

This Past weekend was filled with Work, Painting and Berry Pickin’ celebrations.

Saturday was a Blazing hot day at the shop. We have a new air conditioner that they put in the shop last summer but… it didn’t work great and then we hmmmm… built a wall to give us a backroom and thats where the air is. So, that means it’s hot as all get out up front. That also means the workshop is moving to the back room. Yay!!! It will be the cutest little workshop. The workshop decor visions are already dancing around in my head. Be sure to check back here to see all the pics and updates of that. For sure new lighting. I can’t even handle the fluorescent lights. ( thanks spell check for spelling that F word for me) haha!


OH- Have Ya’ll ( since we are talking Country Music)  heard that song from Florida Georgia line and Backstreet boys- God, Your Mama and me? Yeah, they made that song for me to dedicate to my boyfriend. We are SO 6th grade with our song dedications- haha!!  That song  just came on- SQUIRREL!!!

Sunday we, Big, Brady and Me drove out to Temecula to Celebrate my Oldest son’s  Girlfriend (are you following that) graduating from College. 6 years 4 degrees and lots of hard work. What an inspiration she is. Proud of you Girl!

We went to our favorite BBQ hangout and totally grubbed and then off to Berry Pickin’ At my Happy Place. Temecula Berry company. It’s a new tradition for us- 4 years now and to think I lived out there for 10 years and only 2 of the times that I had gone before was when I was living out there. ( I’m a ramblin’ girl today)

I seriously feel like I am sitting here chatting with you while sipping lemonade.  Hopefully that explains my writing technique, haha.

Want to see pics? These are from my phone- I actually took my good camera but haven’t uploaded those photos yet.


Check Out that beautiful Blue sky- Temecula has the bluest skyIMG_1017Me and Big..


Blueberry Yummy goodness. Dont eat green berries don’t pick green berries- only the blueIMG_1020

The CREW- omgoodness – The SMILES!! IMG_1013

Do you See it? ❤IMG_1038

That’s meIMG_1040

We then went driving on the dirt roads – because Temecula still has some- we saw a horse and a S N A K E! The snake was crossing the road. We jumped out of the car to see it- like I actauly got pretty close to it. Yep- first time that I ever saw a snake like in the wild.

That was our fun weekend. What did you do?




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