Thoughts of the moment…  And I am getting REAL- this is me.

Time Flies.. I seriously feel like so Much of the past few years is a blur. Like not really like I don’t remember but like so much has changed in my life- likes it a lot to keep up with even fro me the person living it – Lots of good and lots of change.  Not all change is good and not all change is bad -sometimes it’s just time passing.

Like I almost feel like I was so busy figuring out life and this adulting stuff that I missed moments.

The thing that most comes to mind is My Youngest son… I feel like he was just a little and now he’s a middle. Not yet an adult but certainly not a little.  I miss the Every morning hugs and the evening good nights in person.  50/50 is hard.  I wish I could rewind and just take all the moments and store them better in my brain.  I wish I could take memories and put them on a hard drive. I know we can take pictures but I mean like the actual memory of the feelings and emotions that happened in the moment.  I would even take the Ugh “Mom, why do you have to volunteer” memories.

Why Do our babies have to grow up so fast?  Why didn’t I know this in the moment- live for the now. To all the parents with littles and middles and any age- When Someone tells you enjoy this because it won’t be like this for long BELIEVE THEM!! I will do better at this. I will try.

Where will my life be in 5 years. So weird how life changes I used to listen to the Mike Jones song – 5 years( from now) and I would think about my older boys, while they were in High school- like where they might be in 5 years. Now I find that I am asking myself that VERY SAME QUESTION. Funny how life is, right?

Some of the Lyrics:

Yeah! Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones!
Where will I be at, five years from now
Five years from now
Five years from now
Where would I go, who would I see in, five years from now
Tell me how will I live, will I raise some kids yeah, five years from now

Me right now-A Mom, a Grandma, A girlfriend an Entrepreneur… That is me now.  And today I will be thankful for that.


We paintball together.. I love this!  Game Face!


We take kiss face selfies.. lots of them IMG_0002

I adore My Apple.. The “APPLE” of my eye.

We Snap…
Paint Life.. that’s me

I am blessed and thankful for all the past, current and new memories to come.

Cheers to a happy weekend! Make Lots of memories. Nothing on your phone is more important then the people that choose to hang out with you.  Said with Love. :0)



2 thoughts on “Time…

  1. Very well said sis, who would of thought how fast are babies grow 🙄 I love you and am proud of you little sister 😍

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