Paint Bar Fun..

You may already know we announced our paint Bar last Friday night.

I had a little fun playing at the bar yesterday. A customer came in and inspired me with a fabulous piece she saw on pinterest and the color was so rich,  a yummy Mid Century modern green/blue like a peacock.

You May be noticing pops of Mid Century Modern home decor in All the Big retailers lately. They have been gently warming us all up to them. Yes, its a trap. They mix little snippets  of it in with all the farmhouse style that most of us have completely revamped our houses to look like- Fixer upper. Because,  well,  its pretty darn pretty. But be prepared you will want a new lamp soon- maybe gold metal of some sort or gold with wood. You will then want to add a pop of color. Are you feeling this?  You may even want a super patterned rug a bit shaggy- Gasp! It will happen my friend, it will happen.

Look up Mid Century modern and let me know if you coo just a little. I would like to know your thoughts.

Here is a small palette of what I am crushing on right now -its kinda the whole anthropologie vibe too and thats definitely not a bad thing. I suppose for the budget it is. But we can DIY something.


Paint Bar Fun.. The top is the mixed colors- Left to right- Napoleonic Blue with Florence-

Middle Napoleonic Blue, Antibes green and Aubusson. The right is Aubusson and Napoleonic Blue.

Below-Top half is clear wax and black wax

bottom half is Clear wax, Black wax and then Clear wax wiped back to take off some of the black wax.

The colors are so much more vibrant in person so stop by the shop- if you’re local to see these beauties.

I will try using my good camera next time.


Check this link out for some Mid Century Crushin’



3 thoughts on “Paint Bar Fun..

  1. Hey… it’s Marie… the customer who came in last week. You were right about the color mix… its Napoleonic blue and florence… I think I will purchase all 3… and play with them till I decided which one I like the most… viewing your sample… it will be a tough choice… I’m thinking I will purchase my couch first to get a better match…. thanks a lot tho…. see you soon

  2. I purchased my French hutch today…. I’m so excited… only thing… I changed my mind about the blue couch… I’m loving the purple even more…I’m thinking I’ll go with a deeper blue that would be the perfect contrast to the purple …so I’m just going to hang on to the notion of painting the hutch anytime soon… But on the brighter side. I’m going to purchase a project piece tomorrow. I’m going to swing by next week to show it to you… so you can help with the color choice… see you then

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