The Struggle is real..

What I am Wearing Wednesday..

Trying to take the perfect selfie.  You all know what I am talking about. How many of us have selfies with our car seatbelt on? I can’t even count the number of times I see this. Why does the lightening have to be best while I’m in the car?  It’s like an automatic snapchat “pretty” filter.

So, yes, the struggle is real.

I was trying to get a quick snap of my outfit since I hadn’t done that in a while. My fashion posts seem to get as much or more attention then the home and paint posts (ugh that sounds so Vain-darn you social media that I can’t be without)   😉 Wink- Wink. Actually I can’t wink wink because I can’t wink with my left eye- random fact.

Anyway back to the outfit.

Lets let the pics tell the story. Laugh away my friends!


This Would be my “wanna Fight” look  (Thats what my youngest says) img_4238

Umm.. crap 3 seconds wasn’t long enough for the timerimg_4240

Walking backwards, thinking I can get into the look Haha!img_4242

My Shoes aren’t even zipped.. Errr…img_4257

Seriously.. My layered shirts are bunched and now I have a muffin top!

And that freshly washed 80’s hair. Yeah, ROCK and ROLL! Bring it Back!! PLEASE! I might actually wash my hair on a regular basis if BIG hair came back in style.

My Friends, The struggle is real. HAHA!!

Cheers to all you fashionista bloggers that nail your looks. I’m still working on mine.

Happy Wednesday! What are you wearing? That sounds creepy -Insert laughing emoji here And Big eyes shocked emoji too and another laughing one.


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