Red truck trend…

I totally got captured into the red truck trend. I think there is a bigger reason for my super like of these red truck cuties. Growing up, my grandfather drove an old truck like this. I remember wanting that truck. The Big steering wheel the cool shifter – the bouncy seats. My über like for vintage started young. From the old truck my grandfather drove to the vintage hats in Bullocks boxes that my grandmother would wear. Oh how I liked trying on her hats. I do own several hats myself. Hmmmm.. Funny how so many things stem from the likes from our childhood.

Anyway… back to the red truck. This year I have the pillow, the ceramic, the  gift wrapping paper. All this I added to my start of the collection from last year. A small metal truck and a little trailer with a Big tree on top.

Of course I wanted to make or embellish something to add to the collection. And that’s where this mini diy makeover comes in.

I bought these super cute metal truck and tree cut outs. A first left them unfinished. But in typical ME fashion I felt they needed change. Who/What doesn’t? I added paint – and omgoodness they turned out so beyond yummy. I can’t even!!!




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