Let’s try this Again…

I get asked often to post more,  blog more, share more. It is very sweet that you all want to know more about me. (I think it’s crazy because I am just me and why would anyone want to know more about me) I am humbled that you do.

I have searched for questions on the web and other blogs to help me figure out what you might want to know: This is a random mix of facts and thoughts.

Where to start…hmmmm

  1. My Background is in Interior design. Other things I seriously considered before ID are Fashion Design, Makeup Artistry ( I was a counter manager in cosmetics for a while does that count?) Horticultureist and to think that now I can’t even keep A succulent alive-Shameful. I used to have a beautiful garden and a couple of times I planted a butterfly garden.  I was asked to sing a country song and do some Hair commercials and be in a few music videos. I did not follow through with any of those. I am kinda shy and that stuff scared me- like being on camera.
  2. My favorite time of year is fall and winter. For the Fashion of course. JK Kinda – Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays -friends and family gathering and no pressure of gifts- though I love gifting people.
  3. My favorite candy is Peanut butter cups. MMMMM.. And Peanut M&M’s
  4. My favorite food is anything potato- It’s not paleo but it is GF so I’m good with that. And Truffle-Truffle Chocolate, Truffle salt, Truffle oil Truffle butter. YUM!
  5. My favorite exercise routine is Yoga – I like weights too but I really enjoy Yoga
  6. The color Palette in my home is Neutral. Very Neutral.
  7. A couple of times people have thought I was Kate Beckinsale. I’m not good with names so I had to look her up. Sure I look like her. HAHA!
  8. My Hobbies- like they vary I suppose. Painting for sure -not walls ugh no no no! painting Furniture. Shopping for shoes- Shoes always fit and never make you feel fat. cooking- I like cooking most in the fall/winter.
  9. I don’t like washing my hair. Yep, its true. I will wash it like once a week. Gasp! I know, I know.. It’s a lot of work I have naturally curly rather frizzy hair so the time it takes to dry it then flat iron or style the curls ugh!!
  10. Owning a shop was always a dream and Now I am living it.
  11. I like pets- I have a little dog, Billy. He is my snuggle buddy. I would like a cat someday and Billy likes cats so I think that would be cute and fun for him. His full name is Billy Bob Barker. He has a sister named Sarah Jessica Barker. (she lives with Dad*) But they have playdates.
  12. *I am separated going through a divorce- I don’t post or talk about it much because my kids follow or my see posts and I don’t think they need to see something that they already know. It’s a private matter and they/we need our space with this. I am sharing now because it is something that many people have tried to figure out by asking me the MOST RANDOM questions. So there it is.
  13. I’ve lived in many cities. I have had big houses and currently a small Condo. I am comfortable in either. I adapt well.
  14. I have gone from having no car because I couldn’t afford one-Riding the bus to having “Fancy” cars.  I liked My MB’s But I didn’t like the maintenance. I really like my car now.  Explorer sport. It whistles. Funny story- When I first got it I thought something was wrong with it – I told my 15year old that I needed to get it checked – He said, “Mom it’s supposed to do that, its cool” Hmmm.. I learned that it is cool. LOL
  15. I have 3 boys- 25, 23 and 15.  And an adorable Granddaughter 1 month
  16. I Really like the city but I could also see myself on a farm. As long as I have enough furniture to paint and horses to ride and my family close- like in my mind we all have houses on the property- and I would cook family meals and we would have outdoor movie nights and s’mores. That would be amazing and I would be so happy.
  17. I was taking horse riding lessons until I got a grumpy horse that bonked me on the head with his head while walking him to the ring. I haven’t been riding since. I think its time. I ride English.
  18. My Favorite colors are White, charcoal Grey and Navy Blue. I like gold accessories in home decor.
  19. My style is BOHO eclectic in Home and fashion.
  20. I’m Forgetful and I don’t remember names- Sorry. enter eeks big eyes emoji face here.
  21. I take on too much- It is hard for me to say no. I am a people pleaser.
  22. My Favorite drinks are – Coffee and Tea.Starbucks is my go to pretty much every morning.  I don’t drink alcohol.
  23. McDonald’s is my go to for French Fries. Nothing else only French Fries.
  24. I lost about 60 GASP!! pounds almost 3 years ago now. I am GF totally GF. its not a trend for me- I get asked this.  Have HypOthyroidism. Well that just sucks!! Through my eating lifestyle and an amazing doctor it’s not so bad.
  25. I am happy! Even through some of this chapter of my life’s crazy, challenging struggles, I am happy.  #choosehappy




One thought on “Let’s try this Again…

  1. So fun to read. You are an inspiration! A beautiful person that we can all relate to and feel connection with because of your warmth, casual style and daily antics. Thanks for keeping it real girl!

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